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Contact Us

Feel free to ask us any questions. Please send an email to : OSP-RD@ec.europa.eu

Contact us

J-79 09/299
Tél: 02/296.57.97
General Secretary / Political Secretary :
J-79 09/229
Tél: 02/298.17.39
Tél: 02/295.56.76

Renouveau & Démocratie’s trade union activities are based on three concepts:

  • renewal
  • opening
  • transparency

R&D was founded in 1992, and immediately announced its ambition; the renewal of trade union action.

R&D conducts its activities in a spirit of opening, encouraging dialogue not only with members, but with non-members as well.

Out of a concern for transparency, elected officers, members, sympathisers – in fact, all colleagues – are invited to attend meetings of the R&D Executive Committee.

  • R&D bases its actions on :
  • a whole-hearted and coherent defence of the European civil service
  • active involvement in staff representation
  • direct, genuine dialogue with staff.

The Executive Committee:

Here is a list of our union representatives in the executive committee. They have been elected in 2013


General Secretary:


  • Members:

 Address Renouveau & Démocratie:

Rue Joseph II 70
1000 Brussels