R&D is adopting a new communications strategy

to defend the rights of  the workforce more effectively and to oppose the excesses of the administration In responding to a perfectly clear demand of staff during the last election campaign for the election of the Brussels LSC, all representative OSPs committed [...]

HR Modernisation

Une nouvelle “réforme” des ressources humaines sous couvert de recentralisation La DG HR a décidé de lancer une nouvelle réforme – même si elle ne porte pas ce nom – de la fonction RH qui consiste en la recentralisation des services alors qu’il y [...]

L’Europe des Pères fondateurs

c’est le rêve que chaque membre du personnel a choisi de servir mais qui à présent traverse une crise profonde. R&D tout comme le Pape François refuse “Une Europe fatiguée et vieillie, stérile et sans vitalité, où les grands idéaux qui ont inspiré l’Europe semblent [...]

Survey on staff satisfaction Open Space — PMO

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to reply before the close of business on 25 May 2016   Dear colleagues, We had already drawn your attention in our leaflet of 21st April, to certain excesses in the establishment [...]

Removal of PMO to CSM2. All in Open space!

By demonstrating sensitivity and a commitment to inform (albeit ex-post) that other Directors-General have not shown, Mr. Lemaitre, Director of PMO, invited,, all Office employees to attend an information meeting on 15th April to present them their new workspace. Naturally, we were once [...]

“Promoleaks”: R&D revelations… (Episode 1)

… And prospects are not bright for the coming year! A brief summary of facts to start. 2015: the heist of the century for some grades… Nearly 70 % of rapid promotions (yes, you read that right) for grades AD9 and AD11 with consequent periods [...]

Staff Housing Survey in and outside Brussels 2016

Dear colleagues, You should have each receive a message from EUROSTAT asking you to complete a questionnaire on a hou­sing survey: the data collected gathered (anonymously) will update the weightings that reflect the cost of living in the various places of employment and therefore directly [...]

Black Pearl – Finally DIGIT opens the dialogue

Colleagues: take the floor and defend your rights! This is really the last step in order to be heard! Be all present on 4 March… By its leaflet of 15 February, R&D denounced the practices of services, namely DG DIGIT, regarding the implementation of [...]