La Commission toujours avec un TGV de retard sur la réalité : «The Economist» ...

Trop souvent le message de la Représentation du Personnel est banalisé, voire rétrogradé par l’Administration qui prétend être à la pointe de la modernité et accuse les syndicats de ne pas être capables de moderniser leurs analyses. Or, le fait est que très [...]

Do you know that the Commission wishes to make from an old building a new ...

The CSM2 will be the first experience of a fully finished building transformed into an open space, it will be a “key-building showing the modern face of the Commission“, said a senior official. The colleagues from TAXUD will be the guinea pigs. While [...]

Well-being in our Workplace: from Theory to Practice

A year ago the Fit@work programme to improve the health and well-being of staff was launched within the Commission. Have you, personally seen any improvement?
Investigations by experts show that 70% of psycho-social risks within the Commission are due to work requirements (35%), [...]

Mme K. Georgieva a démenti l’article paru dans “The Times”

Mme K. Georgieva, Vice-Présidente en charge du Budget et des Ressources Humaines a démenti l’article paru dans «The Times» L’interview donnée par Mme K. Georgieva au journal The Times, le 23 décembre 2015, a suscité de nombreuses réactions de votre part. Face à [...]

Teleworking: real progress!

Following administrative and technical consultations with DG HR, as part of the negotiations that R&D conducted with our Alliance partners, on the basis of clear and motivated demands, we made real progress ,in both teleworking and part-time files*. Thanks to Vice-President Georgieva for her strong boost… [...]

Part-time work: progress made!

After the progress made in the framework of the teleworking dossier, following administrative and technical consultations with DG HR, we also made real advances  in the the part-time working file. Hereafter, the main changes as far as part-time work concerned: The decision on part-time [...]

Promotion year 2015: a new edition of the promotions’ lottery!

Immobility, until when?   While you are always more numerous to contact us to share your misunderstanding with regard to  disparities in treatment between colleagues from different grades and / or different DGs, R&D would like to inform you now about what to expect from [...]

The end of year Buffet

R&D and its members are pleased to invite you to The end of year Buffet on Friday 11 December 2015 starting at 12.30 ATRIUM 79, rue Joseph II / 80, rue de la Loi True to its traditions, R&D invites you to enjoy a convivial and gastronomic moment, around a buffet of [...]