R&D invites you to a conference on HARASSMENT in the workplace

                    R&D invites you to a conference on HARASSMENT in the workplace by Doctor Marie-France Hirigoyen European institutions are constantly changing chiefly by means of periodic reforms and sometimes hasty restructuring, thus creating a fertile ground for harassment. R&D has always highlighted the importance of respect, dignity and courtesy in the workplace and reiterates its [...]

R&D invites all staff to “Grand Bal du Renard” on Friday 17 October

Renouveau & Démocratie Fédéral is pleased to invite  ALL STAFF to Grand Bal du Renard on Friday 17 October 2014, starting at 8 p.m. L’Orangerie Palais des Colonies – 3080 Tervuren Come and dance to the flamboyant thythms of autumn colours Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Flamenco, Oriental… All the Music of the World will be [...]

Barroso Commission has exceeded all limits!

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The public service is checkmated in three moves:
The Barroso Commission has exceeded all limits!
Following our previous messages ( Exclusive private sales -70% ; Breaking news: parachuting no longer exist? ; PMO-télépathie d’un parachutage annoncé-décembre2013; Le Renard Déchaîné-AMI pour les AC, parachutag­es, concours [...]

INTERNAL COMPETITIONS – R&D alongside our colleagues in the protection of ...

The reserve lists of all the recent internal competitions have now been published Throughout the whole procees, R&D has assisted unsuccessful applicants by providing them with “request for review” templates and Article 90 templates drafted in close cooperation with specialised lawyers (R&D, its legal team and its lawyers).
Following the publication of the reserve [...]

Coordinated action against the 2014 Staff Regulations

Over the past few months the trade unions have suggested that you introduce complaints against the unfairest provisions that the Council and Parliament have imposed on us, with the complicity of the Commission. To defend staff to the best of our ability, the trade [...]

Annual Travel Allowance

Templates are now available for complaints against the reduction or elimination of the Annual Travel Allowance! Dear colleagues, During March 2014, many of you made a complaint against the reduction or elimination of the annual travel allowance. We thank you once again for your trust! In fact, we had considered that in order to ensure [...]

Internal competitions: the truth will out!

The publication of the results of the AST 3/4 and AD 10/12 competitions has shown what R&D had forecast and from the beginning (link 1link 2). Although the idea of these internal competitions was originally conceived as a method to alleviate the injustice that  POST 2004 colleagues suffered regarding their grading on [...]

Complaint template salary adjustment 2011-2012

2011 et 2012  SALARY ADJUSTMENT : The complaint template is now available    We have taken into account your suggestions during the information meeting on 6 June. Subsequently, several law firms have worked toge­ther to draft complaint template against the refusal of application of the salary [...]