Promotion exercise and quotas: Oops, I did it again ! (feat. DG HR)

  R&D has repeatedly criticized the distribution of the possibilities for promotion in the DGs for last year’s promotion exercise (lien). Although we intervened before the proposition for promotions by the Directors General, DG HR remained inflexible and did nothing to [...]

Time Management and Meaning of Work

SAVE THE DATE R&D vous invite à la conférence: M. Pierre Moniz-Barreto, Entrepreneur, auteur de l’ouvrage :   “Slow Business, Ralentir au travail et en finir avec le temps toxique”   Editions Eyrolles   Time Management and Meaning of Work – Time Detox, [...]

R&D vous informe: exercice de promotion 2015

L’exercice de promotion 2015 vient d’être lancé. Comme chaque année R&D vous informe, vous conseille et vous aidera à rédiger les éventuels appels.  Quelles sont les possibilités de promotion dans ma DG ? La DG HR a attribué un quota de promotions à chaque DG pour chaque grade, quota qui est censé prendre en compte [...]

The Commission needs new governance!

The next reorganisations and musical chairs of Directors General are an opportunity not to be missed! R&D represents thousands of colleagues who serve the European project with commitment and dedication and who, de­spite everything, have not lost hope that our institution will regain its credibility with citizens. So, we welcomed the initial positions of the [...]

Why such a hard line against the certification procedure?

The certification procedure is (according to DG HR) “a real career development tool. It is important for the institution to enhance the resources available.” R&D can only agree: we have hundreds of AST colleagues in the Commission who carry out AD tasks to the great satisfaction of their hierarchy and duly recognised in their CDRs. [...]

R&D défend vos droits – Report de congés au-delà des douze jours

Report de congés au-delà des douze jours / Conséquences d’un congé de maladie longue durée R&D a récemment assisté plusieurs de ses adhérents dans la présentation d’une réclamation au titre de l’article 90 § 2 du statut contre le refus de reporter des congés annuels non pris. En particulier, au sein d’une même direction générale, [...]

Pension File: R&D’s Point of View

NEITHER “big stray cats” NOR “treated as accomplices of MS”! “Titanic” for some and “Proud sailboat on calm waters” for others? R&D invites the other Trade Unions to a public debate to discuss different pension analyses and to answer your questions. Many of you expressed your surprise, disappointment or even disgust about the state of dialogue [...]

Wellbeing at work – Serenity training

R&D being  concerned about the well-being of colleagues in professional life organized last a year  series of lectures on the subject. Encouraged by an enormous success, R&D continues its work and proposes the practical approach : Serenity training  When : 2nd, 5th, 6th March from 12:45 to 14:00 Where : CCP Meeting room rue de la [...]