Transfert of Pension Rights for new starters: make your request and keep 30% of your ...

We encourage all Civil Servants, temporary staff and contractual agents, and more particularly the “Shipwrecked” from the 2004 reforms, to submit IMMEDIATELY a request which commits you to nothing but in the event of a pension scheme transfer will allow you to keep more of your pension rights! [...]

2009 Salary Adaptation – Barroso Adamant

During his meeting with staff representatives on 30 March 30, President Barroso recalled that the Commission was the guardian of the treaties. As such, Pdt Barroso confirmed a in clear, strong and unmistakable manner that there were no question of withdrawing the appeal lodged by the Commission to the Court of Justice against the Council. [...]

Refusal Indexation Salaries 2009: need for everyone to introduce a claim? R&D ...

Need for everyone to introduce a claim? R&D chose to demand the Commission’s commitment instead… [...]

Follow-up to your message of March 18th

Note to the attention of Mrs. I. SOUKA – General Director of DG HR
Subject: your everybody message of the 3/18/2010. [...]

Illegality of remunerations and pensions for 2009 – note to Mrs. Souka

R & D require that the Commission commit itself extending the benefit of any decision which would note the illegality of the Council Regulation of January 23rd, 2009 to the whole of the personnel. [...]

The Spokesman Service and DG Communication should accept their responsibilities and ...

Different articles which have appeared in various Member States, and more particularly the article which appeared on 5 March 2010 in the Belgian magazine “Le Vif – Express”, continue to cite the salaries, pensions and employment benefits enjoyed by “Eurocrats”! [...]

EP President Buzek message to staff on the annual pay adaptation

EP President Buzek supports the court case against the Council’s decision not to apply the method for the annual pay adaptation. [...]

R&D and all the Unions congratulate the Commission on going to Court

Bruxelles, le 11 janvier 2010
PRESIDENT DE LA COMMISSION EUROPEENNE Objet : Adaptation salariale 2009 Avant toute chose, la représentation du personnel vous adresse ses meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année et pour la réussite de votre mandat. Comme  vous, nous formons le souhait de travailler pour [...]