CDR – Note for the attention of VP ŠEF?OVI?

Rejection of the Career Development Review (CDR)system already established in 2009. [...]

CDR: reporting officer is called to inform you about the level of performance

Having received a certain number of questions in this respect, R&D confirms that your reporting officer is called to inform you about the level of performance (IA, IB, II, III)  in which she/he proposes to rank you in this year’s CDR. Following an intervention by staff representatives with DG Human Resources, such an indication has [...]

CDR exercise 2010: note to the attention of VP Sefcovic

Objet : CDR (evaluation and promotion) exercise 2010 Dear Vice President, First of all R&D, the leading trade union at the Commission would like to welcome you as a new Vice President responsible for Human Resources portfolio.
R&D has repeatedly drawn your predecessors’ and your services’ attention to the massive failure of the evaluation [...]

2010 already and still a bad CDR

The 2010 CDR exercise has been launched on the same basis as that to which all the unions were opposed and generated a record number of 4,000 appeals. The dissatisfaction rate amongst staff is at its highest level. Since September 2009 the unions and several DGs have asked for the worst effects to be corrected immediately and to start from now on negotiations for wider-ranging changes to the CDR in 2011. [...]

Note to DG HR concerning the launch of the CDR exercice

NOTE A L’ATTENTION DE Mme I. SOUKA DIRECTEUR GENERAL DG HR REC 2010 Les OSP signataires constatent avec grand regret que l’information administrative pour le lancement de l’exercice d’évaluation et promotion 2010 a été publiée avec les mêmes DGE rejetées déjà en 2009 par l’ensemble des OSP. Préalablement à cette publication, les OSP signataires attendaient [...]

Your opinion counts! Make it heard.

Are you satisfied with the new 2009 CDR which will be applied in an identical way by DG HR in 2010? Let us know by replying to the questionnaire launched by the Central Staff Committee! [...]

R&D and all Trade Unions request CDR 2010 modification: note to DG HR

CDR 2010 Modification Proposals: note to the attention of the Director General of DG HR (fr) [...]

Open Letter to Vice President Siim Kallas

Object: Evaluation and Promotion: a predictable disaster [...]