At all costs, we wish to avoid that through the simplification of procedures, the use of imagination and fantasy, and the dismissal of the staff representation … the scenario reported above may become a sad reality within our institution. To avoid this risk, we must [...]

Internal competitions – CoR

Letter for the attention of M. Markku Markkula President of the Committee of the Regions     Mr President, We acknowledge receipt of your letter of 3 February 2017 in reply to our open letter of 27 January about the internal competitions that you are planning to organize in the European Committee of [...]

CoR – Internal competition

  Brussels, 27 th January 2017   Open Letter for the attention of Mr Markku Markkula
President of the Committee of the Regions   Subject:  Internal competition                 “Bon appétit Messieurs” (Ruy Blas, Victor [...]

CAREER: What to expect in 2017?

    According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 should witness the pursuit of progress, honour and integrity … what is fervently desired by R&D !   The start of the year goes hand in hand with the launch of the evaluation exercises for officials and contract agents. You may have asked about your promotion / [...]

« Parachuting » of cabinet members: R&D thanks M. Selmayr and M. Italianer for ...

Brussels, 06 February  2017   Note to the attention of Mr. Selmayr,  President Juncker’s Head of Cabinet And Mr. Italianer, Secretray-General of the Commission   Subject:      « Parachuting » of cabinet members at the end of the College’s term of office Ref.:            Your declarations under item 7.12 of the minutes of the heads of Cabinets’ meeting held [...]

“Promoleaks”: R&D analysis … (episode 3)

    Administrative Notice (AN) No 2016-41 of 15.11.2016 (link), closed the 2016 promotion exercise with the publication of the list of colleagues promoted this year: R&D congratulates these 4,852 colleagues! Does however everything work well? Although the recent Staff Survey does not [...]

Article 42c: FIAT LUX

Implementation of Article 42c of the Staff Regulations FIAT LUX That the light is FINALLY made: DH HR FINALLY meets staff representation to deal with the placing on compulsory leave of 28 colleagues before the end of 2016   FINALLY, DG HR convened a meeting for 13 December with staff representation on the application of [...]

Representations of the Commission: Double Standards

Local Staff serving in the Representations in the European Union are employed in carrying out support tasks (secretaries, clerical officers, drivers, etc.). They run the machinery just as well as the other categories of Staff. They have all been re-cruited many years ago as the Commission no longer recruits local staff within the EU from [...]