R&D has always denounced the unacceptable nature of the practice of parachuting, particularly at the end of each college term, highlighting its harmful consequences with regard to:

  • the politicization of the public service and the questioning of its independence;
  • the non-respect of the principles of ethics and integrity;
  • the imposition of a policy of inequality of opportunities;
  • staff demotivation;
  • the system of unfair career progression.

We have…

  • denounced to the administration and then, faced with its inaction, to the other institutions and the European Ombudsman, these detestable practices and every proven parachuting case, namely the recent one concerning the appointment of our Secretary-General;
  • asked for a reform of the appointment procedures of senior management in order to put an end once and for all to these detestable practices.

The progress achieved…

While DG HR has always denied any merits in our criticism, Mr Selmayr and Mr Italianer, in their statements at the meeting of the College on 30 January 2017 and later on… said for their part that:

“Shall not be allowed”:

– “the appointment of Cabinet members to management positions in the Directorate-General operating under their portfolio and placed under their direct supervision.”

As well as the nomination of Cabinet members in a DG in order to obtain promotion and their reintegration in a Cabinet as soon as the promotion is granted.

These practices are demotivating for the rest of the staff who does not get promoted as fast as the Cabinet members.”

Unfortunately, these statements and the recognition of the merits of our critical analyses have not been followed by any effect… quite the opposite…

With your support, we will continue to…

  • claim the end of these practices;
  • request the reform of appointment procedures;
  • remain vigilant and denounce any new slippage;
  • oppose with the utmost determination the organization of new “adapted” internal competitions that DG HR will not fail to propose in order to guarantee a more than easy appointment of the cabinet members.