Only 35 % of you feel that the Commission cares about your well-being at work, or more precisely, we could interpret this feedback as a complete failure of the fit@work policy.

This dissatisfaction also reflects the constant overwork the staff is faced with which does not seem to be fading. Added to this are deteriorating working conditions, blatant demotivation and an obsolete work environment (too much bureaucracy, lack of ergonomics, etc.).

As an employer, the Commission is morally and legally obliged to look after the well-being of its staff and to adopt a prevention policy (Council Directive 89/391/EEC on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work).

R&D has always been concerned about your well-being, this is why we have analyzed the risks involved and the obstacles that prevent you from working in good conditions.

Prevention of Psychosocial Risk

Work private life
Disability Policy