European Civil Service: Open Letter to President Barroso

It will always be the main priority for R&D to defend staff and the institution in the face of attacks by the Council looking to weaken the European Civil Service. This defence begins with awareness of the dangers that weigh on the European construction, as well as a strengthening of the Civil Service, by a rigorous application of staff regulations and with tackling the problems within our institution. […]

Letter to M.Barroso on the creation of the EEAS

Letter to M.Barroso on the creation of the EEAS: R&D is of the opinion that all the staff of this new service should enjoy the same Staff Regulations (permanent for the Civil Servants coming from the Commission, or temporary for staff detached from national administrations) and thus have the same rights and obligations whatever their origin. No distinction should be made between civil servants concerning their duties and their position in the staff chart. […]

Approval of the New Commission – Letter to Barroso

Monsieur le Président de la Commission, Au moment de l’approbation de la nouvelle Commission par le Parlement européen, et au nom de mes collègues de R&D, je tiens à vous féliciter chaleureusement pour le résultat obtenu au Parlement européen qui vous permet de relever le défi de relance de la construction européenne. Le personnel de […]

Letter to President Barroso on the situation in Haiti

R&D is proposing to President Barroso that the the proceeds of at least one month of the special crisis levy (5,07% of the basic salary of EU officials) that are currently entering as revenue in the general budget of the European Union, should be donated to humanitarian help and to build a future in Haiti. […]