European schools

R&D has always worked to ensure that European schools can meet the expectations of parents, with a sufficient number of places, a clear and fair registration policy and a reasonable location of schools in the different districts of Brussels.

R&D has always been on your side to take into account the concerns expressed with regard to the quality of the teaching delivered by the European schools and the support of the pupils especially in case of difficulties.

In cases of harassment at school, R&D used the best specialists to inform about this phenomenon and to provide avenues of work by working in close collaboration with the school heads.

Similarly, R&D has been very attentive to ensuring that European schools guarantee the best integration and the best follow-up of pupils with special arrangements needs by carefully avoiding any elitist approach.

R&D requests:

  • in close collaboration with the heads of the European schools, the setting up of a real awareness programme to ensure an efficient and professional management of the difficulties observed;
  • the guarantee to the children and their families of an optimal level as for the education and the special care of the children who need more attention.