Contractual Agent

R&D has always been sensitive to the situation of CA colleagues and has always listened to them in order to receive the right and necessary echo to represent and defend them.

R&D has never made suggestions that are whimsical and impossible in view of the current Staff Regulations, by luring colleagues with

  • thousands of establishments;
  • the granting of hundreds of TA contracts;
  • general reclassifications.

The new GIP for CA or how DG HR has broken its promises and wanted to save money on the back of the weakest part of our staff

On the occasion of the negotiation of the new GIP for the CA, together with its Alliance partners and later with all the other unions, R&D drew up detailed specifications covering all the aspects of the negotiations to be carried out and providing for the set of measures to be implemented to meet the expectations of ALL our CA colleagues, without prejudice to the nature of their contract or their assignment with a DG, an office or an agency.

Unfortunately, the new GIP is far from meeting all our requests and the expectations of the staff. Indeed, from the beginning of the negotiations, it became clear that the real objective of DG HR was far from the political commitments displayed. The real purpose was indeed to save money on the backs of the weakest part of our staff.

Thanks to the determination of R&D and other unions, minor progress has been possible. However, much remains to be done to meet the expectations of colleagues and reduce precariousness.

R&D requests:

  • the creation of a real labour market accessible to all CA colleagues, including those working in executive agencies, enabling colleagues who have reached the maximum length of time spent in Commission DGs (6 years) to put their acquired skills at the service of other institutions;
  • the organization of a real career development policy for CA staff that also includes transparent procedures for access to higher function groups;
  • the increase in the reclassification rate for both CA 3a and 3b;
  • the organization, at regular intervals, of internal competitions open to CA colleagues with guaranteed recruitment of the laureates;
  • the organization of open competitions for the recruitment of AST/SC in order to ease the access to officials posts of CA-FGII in service