Removal of PMO to CSM2. All in Open space!

By demonstrating sensitivity and a commitment to inform (albeit ex-post) that other Directors-General have not shown, Mr. Lemaitre, Director of PMO, invited,, all Office employees to attend an information meeting on 15th April to present them their new workspace. Naturally, we were once […]

Black Pearl – Finally DIGIT opens the dialogue

Colleagues: take the floor and defend your rights! This is really the last step in order to be heard! Be all present on 4 March… By its leaflet of 15 February, R&D denounced the practices of services, namely DG DIGIT, regarding the implementation of […]

DG GROW : Staff satisfaction survey

Note to the attention of Mrs L. EVANS Director General of DG GROW We note with great interest that you have decided to undertake a staff satisfaction survey in DG GROW. In general, we had already expressed to Mrs. K. Georgieva, Vice President of Human […]

La Grande “Nomade” – La Commission adopte une nouvelle Politique immobilière!

Ne sachant plus et comment héberger son Personnel, la Commission adopte une nouvelle Politique immobilière favorisant le “Nomadisme“. R&D s’interroge sur ces déménagements excessifs: « Notre Institution tournerait-elle sans cesse en rond dans l’espoir de retrouver ses compétences d’efficacité et d’organisation? » Alors que R&D […]

“Open Space” Oddyssey – Act II, Scene III DG DIGIT enters the stage without consulting staff!

R&D has been closely following the case of the “Black Pearl” building since May 2015. Twice (Black Pearl 1 & 2), we had already identified the in­herent drifting in the realization of “Open Space”. Today, the decision was taken, without prior consultation with […]

The Commission always behind the times: The Economist confirms R & D’s position on the adverse effects of open-plan offices…

Too often the message of the Staff Representation is trivialized or downgraded by the Administration which claims to be at the forefront of modernity and accuses unions of not being able to modernize their analyses. In fact it is very often the institution […]

Do you know that the Commission wishes to make from an old building a new “window” for the Institution?

The CSM2 will be the first experience of a fully finished building transformed into an open space, it will be a “key-building showing the modern face of the Commission“, said a senior official. The colleagues from TAXUD will be the guinea pigs. While […]

Well-being in our Workplace: from Theory to Practice

A year ago the Fit@work programme to improve the health and well-being of staff was launched within the Commission. Have you, personally seen any improvement?
Investigations by experts show that 70% of psycho-social risks within the Commission are due to work requirements (35%), […]