Le Renard Déchaîné special Teleworking/Hotdesking

Le Renard Déchaîné special Teleworking/Hotdesking Hello! Hello! Berlaymont!… We have a serious problem! The wellbeing of the staff cannot be reduced to the disgracious barter system designed by DG HR between teleworking and hotdesking, framed by the absence of any social dialogue and genuine consultation of the staff. Respecting the rules is not an […]

AMC et BC Episode 2 chronique d’un chaos annoncé

  R&D a dénoncé depuis longtemps la logique perverse et les effets désastreux des silos des DGs qui ont anéanti l’esprit de corps et d’appartenance à l’institution et à une fonction publique […]

AMC and BC : new planets !

R&D is closely monitoring the file regarding the Modernization of Human Resources and remains vigilant at every stage of its implementation. (17 May 2016 “HR Modernisation”)? In this spirit, we […]