General Assembly of Staff – 9 October 2012 -12.30 – Berlaymont’s Atrium

R&D invites all its members to the next General Assembly of Staff on th 9th October 2012. We have the duty to be united during this tough period and to preserve the European Civil Service which is in danger!    

R&D lecture on the main lines of the Reform

Video on the R&D LECTURE ON THE MAIN LINES OF THE REFORM done the 21st Mai 2012

LSC Elections- R&D and U4U act together

Annual Salary Adjustment Frozen in 2011

Dear Colleagues, We are experiencing a difficult and turbulent year end… As in 2009, the Council wants our hide! Indeed, at the meeting of COREPER on 16 December, Member States have, in three policy decisions, deliberately refused to respect our rights: -The exception clause. The Commission, in a report with the latest economic forecasts from […]

Meeting between the VP Sefcovic and the Common Front – 15 December 2011

This information meeting was held before the Coreper meeting of 16 December 2011 and concerned possible updates of the final Commission proposal on the Staff Regulations modification.  

Cristiano Sebastiani anticipates the need to defend European Values against the Council

Only together we can defend the quality of the European Civil Service. It is important that Common Front is capable to defend values without creating division between collegues. Cristiano Sebastiani has declared on 14/12 that the Common Front we will be prepared to strike at the level of all the Staff […]

Demonstration in defence of the Vital Role of the European Civil Service Berlaymont – Dec 14 – Common Front At this time of great economic and social turmoil accompanied by a deep political crisis for the governance of Europe, governments are agreed that a reinforcement of the European project is the only serious way forward. But a European solution to the crisis can only succeed if it is put […]

Negative Opinion of the Commission Central Staff Committee on the Reform

News from the Stop The Dismantling of the EU Staff Regulations Website: Renouveau & Démocratie supports the Central Staff Committee of the Commission and the Common Front of all Trade Unions of all European Institutions against the reform, a proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council amending the […]