Everybody together for the European project

Everybody together for the European project 121121 Everybody together for the European project, a set on Flickr. Here are the pictures of the rally in front of the Berlaymont and the Council on the 21 November – enjoy! […]

November 21st: everybody together for the European project

ALL THE UNIONS AND STAFF ASSOCIATIONS OF THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS, acting in unison, have called all staff, throughout all sites, to mobilise strongly in the defence of the European project. www.frontcommun.eu In the European Commission, the unions and staff associations:
– have presented together a pre-announcement for a strike, in the afternoon of […]

Open letter to the President of the European Commission

Dear Colleagues, Trade Unions from the Commission sent an open letter to the President of the European Commission. (copy of the letter in English will follow) We have to be united for the future of the european public service.  

Results of the strike and rally on 8 November 2012 and future actions

The rally of staff on 8 November at the esplanade of the Berlaymont, that was called by us jointly with FFPE, U4U, CON-SFE, SE and RS / USHU-U4U and brought together a thousand people, shows that: ¾ colleagues are aware of the situation and concerned by the very serious threats faced by the European civil […]

R&D invites all its members to attend this information meeting about the Staff Regulations Reform

Our Colleague from the Parliament organise a General Information Meeting with as speaker the Rapporteur , Ms Roth Behrendt. To get more details : please click on the link.

Message from the Vice President Sefcovic concerning the Reform

Dear Members, You can find the message sent by M. Sefcovic concerning staff regulation and MFF :   Dear colleagues, I have met today the staff representatives to update them on the state of play of the legislative process for the review of the Staff Regulations and the MFF. It was a very frank and […]

General Staff Assembly 09/10/2012- the resolution adopted by the Staff

Following the General Staff Assembly, please find here the resolution adopted by the staff and some pictures of the event.

State of play of the Reform of Staff Regulations 2013

Please find here after a communication from the United Common Front of the European Parliament. We will continue to keep you up to date on the state of play of the Staff Regulations Reform 2013. Our colleagues from the United Front of the European Parliament have just sent a leaflet in which they summarise […]