Next MFF: What about European public administration costs?

Brussels, 19 October 2020 Next MFF What about European public administration costs? Europe will be forged in crises, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises. (Jean Monnet) At the beginning of the 21st century, the world is plunged into a health crisis for which the remedy and the vaccine […]

The 2014 Reform – “Big savings” at the expense of the staff

The 2014 Reform This report of the Court of Auditors confirms in all respects the critical analyses that R&D and the Com­mon Front of trade unions have defended throughout the process of adopting the Reform: “Big savings” at the expense of the staff R&D welcomes the audit work carried out by the Court of Auditors […]

Implementation of Article 42c of the Staff regulations

Brussels, 10 November 2016   NOTE TO MRS KRISTALINA GEORGIEVA VICE-PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF BUDGET AND HUMAN RESOURCES   Subject : Placing on compulsory leave of 28 colleagues before the end of 2016 following the implementation of Article 42c
of the Staff Regulations Ref : Note from Mrs Souka, to our attention, dated […]

Coordinated action against the 2014 Staff Regulations

  Over the past few months the trade unions have suggested that you introduce complaints against the unfairest provisions that the Council and Parliament have imposed on us, with the complicity of the Commission.   To defend staff to the best […]

Annual Travel Allowance

Templates are now available for complaints against the reduction or elimination of the Annual Travel Allowance! Dear colleagues,   During March 2014, many of you made a complaint against the reduction or elimination of the annual travel allowance. We thank you once again for your trust!   In fact, we had considered that in order […]

Post-reform complaints

The request of staff to unions is clear: “please agree and join forces to defend us more effectively” Reply from R&D: colleagues, you are right! Stop union cacophony You have been flooded by different types of complaints from different unions. Many of you ask what you should do, alone or with their support, confronted with […]

A Christmas Fairy Story revisited: “How the Grinch stole Christmas”

A Christmas Fairy Story revisited

Closing statement by Maroš ŠEF?OVI?, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Inter-Institutional Relations

Dear Colleagues, Please have a look on the closing remarks from Commissioner Sefcovic in the European Parliament this week.