Renard Dechainé – Mediation

Edito 3
The mediation service must be provided with sufficient resources in order to guarantee optimal functioning 5
An increasing number of requests that the mediation service is in no way likely […]

Renard Déchaîné – SPECIAL RCAM

Quelle soit physique ou mentale, la Santé est un des piliers de la constitution de l’Etre humain. Elle participe à favoriser l’équilibre de l’Etre dans la vie privée autant que dans la vie professionnelle. Il n’existe pas au monde une personne dotée […]

Le Renard Déchaîné – CEI for the AC grades, parachuted appointments, internal competitions

Many of you have supported our criticm of the internal competitions and the parachuted appointment that are being announced. More here…

Internal Competitio?ns – Le Renard Déchaîné reveals everything?…

Following the launch of the internal competitions we received many reactions highlighting your anxiety about the equality of treatment of candidates, notably in the section regarding your professional experience, and in particular, the discriminatory nature of the questions of the AD Talent screener. We completely understand the anxieties that you raised. And these serve to […]

Le Renard Déchaîné – Internal competitions

Since the publication of the notices of competitive examinations, and on reading the rules envisaged, many of you have let us know of your disappointment and indignation, calling on us to make public and visible the critical analyses that we have developed in the meeting that R&D organised with its members. More here[…]