Staff Housing Survey in and outside Brussels 2016

Dear colleagues, You should have each receive a message from EUROSTAT asking you to complete a questionnaire on a hou­sing survey: the data collected gathered (anonymously) will update the weightings that reflect the cost of living in the various places of employment and therefore directly […]

Conference – Rules applicable to main residence rental

R&D has the pleasure to invite you to the Conference presented by Maître Rocco Spagnuolo Lawyer specialised in property law who will explain elements of the rules applicable to main residence rental. The conference […]

Complaint template salary adjustment 2011-2012

2011 et 2012 SALARY ADJUSTMENT : The complaint template is now available We have taken into account your suggestions during the information meeting on 6 June. Subsequently, several law firms have worked toge­ther to draft complaint template against the refusal of application of the salary […]

Judgments of the Court of Justice in cases C-63/12, C-66/12 and C-196/12 on adjustment of salaries and pensions for 2011

Following the unfavourable judgments delivered on Tuesday 19 November by the Court of Justice concerning the application of the method of adjusting our remuneration and pensions for 2011, many of you have shared with us your surprise and disappointment. Faced with this particularly complex situation, R&D immediately initiated an in-depth legal analysis – you will […]

Flash Communication R&D – Salary adaptation

We have just been informed about the favourable opinion given by the Advocate-General in the matter of salary adaptation. This opinion finds the Commission’s action justified and would have the effect of annulling the Council Regulation which refused to adapt our salaries in accordance with the Method contained in the Staff Regulations (for consultation of […]

Annual changes to salaries

On 12th September, the Advocate-General, Mr Yves BOT, will deliver his conclusions on the three cases concerning salary adaptations since 1st July 2011. We will let you know the content immediately thereafter. As a reminder- the Commission submitted a proposal to the Council for adapting, salaries, pensions and correction co-efficients applicable from 1st July 2011. […]

Annual changes to salaries and pension contributions in 2011 and 2012

R&D is following these issues closely and wishes to inform you on the state of play of the on-going procedures.

Annual adjustment 2012

MEMBER STATES ONCE AGAIN REFUSING TO GIVE US OUR RIGHTS – THE COMMISSION’S PROPOSAL ONCE AGAIN RIDICULED BY THE COUNCIL. In December 2012, Member States refused to adopt the Commission’s proposal regarding the annual salary adjustment of +1.7%, refusing to again apply “the Method”. Given the sudden deterioration of the economic and social climate […]