All the colleagues are invited to the 4th Conference on Private International Law by R&D Council.

RD Council is delighted to invite you to the 4th Conference on Private International Law. The theme of the conference is ” Donations in International Context” If you are interested in, please contact our RD section in the Council.

Everybody together for the European project

Everybody together for the European project 121121 Everybody together for the European project, a set on Flickr. Here are the pictures of the rally in front of the Berlaymont and the Council on the 21 November – enjoy! […]

Open letter to the President of the European Commission

Dear Colleagues, Trade Unions from the Commission sent an open letter to the President of the European Commission. (copy of the letter in English will follow) We have to be united for the future of the european public service.  

Staff Housing Survey 2012

Dear Colleagues, R&D support the initiative taken by the Commission. As in previous years, the Commission carries out a Staff Housing Survey in Brussels. This is a very important survey, because the results constitute a major element of the cost-ofliving index for Brussels. This year again we are launching the survey over the internet. We […]

DGT Follow up

R&D has long been interesting in focussing on the restructuring of DGT. It seems to continue without taking into account the alternative propositions given by the Staff Representatives. Therefore, a note (on the LSC site) signed by C. Sebastiani (CCP), Ph. Bioul (CLP) and R. Virbalis (DGT), has been addressed to Mr. Philippe Brunet, […]

R&D lecture on the main lines of the Reform

Video on the R&D LECTURE ON THE MAIN LINES OF THE REFORM done the 21st Mai 2012

LSC Elections- R&D and U4U act together

Invitation to conference Transfer of Pension rights IN/OUT

Information meeting on May 8th at 13.00, 80 Rue de la Loi, Room CSC   Transfer of pension rights currently poses many problems which penalize colleagues who submitted their transfer request for transfer between 2009 and 2011.   U4U and R&D plan to inform you about this issue, what has been done and what remains […]