Tribute to Altiero Spinelli

3.00 P.M 20 December 2011
Room JAN 4Q1
Altiero Spinelli For registration please contact the following addresses before 13/12

General Meeting of the personnel of all institutions

Staff Regulations 2013 Together, with the Commission and the support of staff, let’s present a reform package to the Council which will also be acceptable to the European Parliament We demand that the Vice-President be equal to the task with which he has been entrusted, and act with the agreement of the staff that he […]


R&D and all Trade Unions of all European Institutions in a Common Front are in these days negotiating with the Commission and in parallel promoting a discussion on the reform and the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council amending the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of […]

Note sent to the “Le Soir” in reply to “Polemiques” article of october 13

L’Union européenne n’est pas une option, mais une obligation: elle a besoin d’une fonction publique compétente, indépendante et permanente: aujourd’hui, elle ne représentent que 5,7 % du budget communautaire, dont seulement 2,6 % concerne les salaires !!! Nous personnel des Institutions européennes, sommes conscients que travailler auprès des Institutions européennes signifie participer à la réalisation […]

RTBF reports on the Commission: presentation of the facts seems misleading!

Emission TV RTBF – 20:20 – ce Mercredi 12 Octobre Questions à la une: Les eurocrates sont-ils trop payés? Aides européennes: la foire au gaspillage? Au menu…une présentation des faits qui semble diaboliquement trompeuse! Les eurocrates sont-ils trop payés ? Aides européennes: la foire au gaspillage? On risque de faire payer encore une […]

Press: EU staff to be reduced – Brussels to cut its staff

EU staff to be reduced [Czech Republic, ADMINISTRATION] km-DNS-CZ Thursday, June 23, 2011 5:18:00 AM CEST The European Commission is finalising its proposal to cut 5% of jobs in the EU institutions, Pravo daily informed. It is expected that member states will ask for even deeper cuts. “The goal of the European Commission is to […]

NO to Budgetary Cuts to European Schools: the pictures collection

NO to Budgetary Cuts to European Schools – 12 April 2011 in Brussels – the picture collection Contribute in FaceBook:!/album.php?aid=344879&id=192960410265

Press Release: European Schools – protest against the budgetary restrictions

Staff Committees of the European institutions // The Parents associations of the European schools / / Staff associations of the European Civil Service Press Release A demonstration involving parents, children and the staff of the European Institutions will take place this Tuesday 12 April 2011 to protest against the budgetary restrictions foreseen for the European […]