General Meeting of the personnel of all institutions

Staff Regulations 2013 Together, with the Commission and the support of staff, let’s present a reform package to the Council which will also be acceptable to the European Parliament We demand that the Vice-President be equal to the task with which he has been entrusted, and act with the agreement of the staff that he […]


R&D and all Trade Unions of all European Institutions in a Common Front are in these days negotiating with the Commission and in parallel promoting a discussion on the reform and the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council amending the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of […]

Note sent to the “Le Soir” in reply to “Polemiques” article of october 13

L’Union européenne n’est pas une option, mais une obligation: elle a besoin d’une fonction publique compétente, indépendante et permanente: aujourd’hui, elle ne représentent que 5,7 % du budget communautaire, dont seulement 2,6 % concerne les salaires !!! Nous personnel des Institutions européennes, sommes conscients que travailler auprès des Institutions européennes signifie participer à la réalisation […]

RTBF reports on the Commission: presentation of the facts seems misleading!

Emission TV RTBF – 20:20 – ce Mercredi 12 Octobre Questions à la une: Les eurocrates sont-ils trop payés? Aides européennes: la foire au gaspillage? Au menu…une présentation des faits qui semble diaboliquement trompeuse! Les eurocrates sont-ils trop payés ? Aides européennes: la foire au gaspillage? On risque de faire payer encore une […]

Press: EU staff to be reduced – Brussels to cut its staff

EU staff to be reduced [Czech Republic, ADMINISTRATION] km-DNS-CZ Thursday, June 23, 2011 5:18:00 AM CEST The European Commission is finalising its proposal to cut 5% of jobs in the EU institutions, Pravo daily informed. It is expected that member states will ask for even deeper cuts. “The goal of the European Commission is to […]

NO to Budgetary Cuts to European Schools: the pictures collection

NO to Budgetary Cuts to European Schools – 12 April 2011 in Brussels – the picture collection Contribute in FaceBook:!/album.php?aid=344879&id=192960410265

Press Release: European Schools – protest against the budgetary restrictions

Staff Committees of the European institutions // The Parents associations of the European schools / / Staff associations of the European Civil Service Press Release A demonstration involving parents, children and the staff of the European Institutions will take place this Tuesday 12 April 2011 to protest against the budgetary restrictions foreseen for the European […]

24 March 2011: European Day of Action in Brussels

Another Europe is possible R&D Staff Union of European institutions, endorsed the actions of the Belgian trade unions (FGTB and CSC) supported by the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) in the framework of the European day of action on 24 March. […]