Brussels, 8 April 2021 Note for the attention of Charles Michel President of the Council Subject: “Sofagate” We would like to inform you that the staff of all the institutions fully share the outraged reactions, from all sides, widely relayed by the press regarding what has now become the “Sofagate”. It is simply intolerable […]

Clippings from the press after the Strike of 21/11/2012

Dear Colleagues, Following the success of the strike yesterday,please find a clippings from the press.,75477,12894351,Londyn_kuszony_ofiara_z_eurokratow__czyli_jaki_bedzie.html (page 14)

Everybody together for the European project

Everybody together for the European project 121121 Everybody together for the European project, a set on Flickr. Here are the pictures of the rally in front of the Berlaymont and the Council on the 21 November – enjoy! […]

November 21st: everybody together for the European project

ALL THE UNIONS AND STAFF ASSOCIATIONS OF THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS, acting in unison, have called all staff, throughout all sites, to mobilise strongly in the defence of the European project. In the European Commission, the unions and staff associations:
– have presented together a pre-announcement for a strike, in the afternoon of […]

European School Conference

On the 8th of June 2012, the List n°1 Near You has organised a conferfence on the future of the European School. This event was presented by our head of list Ms Maria Glowacz and Mr Georges Vlandas. For this special event we had the pleasure to have Mr Kari Kivinen who was there […]

Increase the Eurocrats in austerity? – le Soir has published an article

During this tough period for the European Public Service, le Soir has published a fair article about the salary. To read : please follow the link (the version of this article is only available in french).

Cristiano Sebastiani anticipates the need to defend European Values against the Council

Only together we can defend the quality of the European Civil Service. It is important that Common Front is capable to defend values without creating division between collegues. Cristiano Sebastiani has declared on 14/12 that the Common Front we will be prepared to strike at the level of all the Staff […]

Demonstration in defence of the Vital Role of the European Civil Service Berlaymont – Dec 14 – Common Front At this time of great economic and social turmoil accompanied by a deep political crisis for the governance of Europe, governments are agreed that a reinforcement of the European project is the only serious way forward. But a European solution to the crisis can only succeed if it is put […]