Mme K. Georgieva a démenti l’article paru dans “The Times”

Mme K. Georgieva, Vice-Présidente en charge du Budget et des Ressources Humaines a démenti l’article paru dans «The Times» L’interview donnée par Mme K. Georgieva au journal The Times, le 23 décembre 2015, a suscité de nombreuses réactions de votre part. Face à […]

Tribute to the victims of the attacks

R&D expresses its full solidarity with the victims of the series of attacks in Paris on Friday, as well as their families. Out of respect to the innocent victims and in solidarity with the French people, R&D has decided to suspend all trade union […]

Everybody together for the European project

Everybody together for the European project 121121 Everybody together for the European project, a set on Flickr. Here are the pictures of the rally in front of the Berlaymont and the Council on the 21 November – enjoy! […]

Colleagues in delegations also protested against the Reform

Colleagues in delegations are also concerned about the reform. Even far from Brussels they expressed their protest.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 awarded to the European Union

The Nobel Academy has decided to award the European Union of the Nobel Peace Prize. To get the announcement from the academy please follow the link : Please find the statement of President Jose Manuel Barroso , Mister Herman van Rompuy , Mister Martin Schultz.     […]




Dear staff in Delegations, The Outside the EU Elections will last until Wednesday 27 June. There are 3 lists running for these elections and is no secret that the NEAR YOU/List 2 is the most balanced of all. NEAR YOU is the only list which unites six of the most powerful trade unions today: USHU, […]

Free EPSO Competitions Training Online – 2012 EPSO AD Competitions

In addition to its usual offer of free training R&D is offering online training with 30% reduction for its members TRAINING OFFER WITH ARBOREUS