Modification of the contribution rate to the pension scheme – concertation

Outcome of the meeting: the Trade Unions agreed with the proposed Council Regulation, adjusting, from 1 July 2011, the rate of contribution to the pension scheme of officials and other servants of the European Union. The Eurostat Report shows that the rate of contribution required to maintain actuarial balance of the pension scheme […]

The International president of Former Officials of the European Communities writes a letter to President Barroso and VP Šefcovic

Dear President Barroso, Dear Vice-President Šefcovic, We understand that at a time when the issues before the European Union are huge, questions of staff and pensioners’ remuneration may seem a distraction.
We do not believe so, and are grateful that you do not think so either. The present times underline more than ever the […]

Reform 2013: Discussions continues…minutes of meetings with Staff Representatives now available also to staff of other Institutions!

Meetings with Staff Representatives (held on 15, 16, 20, 29, 30 September, 6, 12 and 19 October). Meetings on 29-30 september focused on issues related to: The Method – A new and improved Method for adjusting remuneration and pensions (intracomm) which simplifies the process by modifying certain parameters, and introduces a new exception clause; […]

Join us in our discussion meetings in the month of October

Changing our Staff Regulations is a serious matter because it affects the future of the European Civil Service. The proposals made by the Commission last June are a catalogue of disjointed measures that aim to make even more savings on the back of staff and, more importantly, to undermine the very structure of our civil […]

Reform 2013: The Commission proposes a new and improved Method for adjusting remuneration and pensions

Current situation The “Method”, first adopted by the Council in 1972, has a proven record of effectiveness over 40 years as an efficient, transparent and simple tool for adjusting remuneration and pensions, with the intention of avoiding annual salary negotiations and lengthy strikes in the Institutions. The salaries of EU staff are adjusted annually in […]

Reform 2013: Retirement – Proposal made by the Commission

Current situation Currently, the normal retirement age for officials recruited after 1 May 2004 is 63 years. Officials recruited before 1 May 2004 are subject to transitional provisions according to which the retirement age varies from 60 years to 63 years. A penalty of 3.5% per year is applied for each year that someone taken […]

Third Administrative Consultation on the revision of the Staff Regulations

Please find enclosed the DG HR report on the third Administrative Consultation on the revision of the Staff Regulations held on the 20 of september 2011. Delegated acts Agency Package Transparency

Transfert of Pension Rights: how to lodge a Complaint

Transfert des Droits à Pension – Modification Rétroactive des paramètres de Calcul de Bonification de vos droits Conformément à l’article 11 de l’annexe VIII du statut, les agents qui entrent en service dans une institutions communautaires (institutions, agences ou offices) ont la faculté de faire transférer les droits à pension acquis avant leur entrée en […]