Transfer “IN” of pension rights – judgment of 15 May 2019 Tuerck v Commission

TRANSFER “IN” OF PENSION RIGHTS: Impact of the time elapsed on the calculation of the period of pensionable service. The application of the standard interest rate by the Commission may result in unlawful enrichment to the detriment of the staff On 15 May 2019 the Court confirmed the judgment of the General Court of 5 […]

Implementation of Article 42c of the Staff regulations

Brussels, 10 November 2016   NOTE TO MRS KRISTALINA GEORGIEVA VICE-PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF BUDGET AND HUMAN RESOURCES   Subject : Placing on compulsory leave of 28 colleagues before the end of 2016 following the implementation of Article 42c
of the Staff Regulations Ref : Note from Mrs Souka, to our attention, dated […]

Conference « Brexit: a practical guide » of 15 September 2016 – video/presentation slides

Dear Colleagues, R&D is pleased to announce the uploading of the recording of the conference « Brexit: a practical guide » organised by R&D in the Coun­cil on 15 September 2016, as well as the PowerPoint slides of this event. Please, click here for the video and here for the PowerPoint file. R&D […]

Pension File: R&D’s Point of View

NEITHER “big stray cats” NOR “treated as accomplices of MS”!   “Titanic” for some and “Proud sailboat on calm waters” for others? R&D invites the other Trade Unions to a public debate to discuss different pension analyses and to answer your questions. Many of you expressed your surprise, disappointment or even disgust about the state […]

Transfert of pension rights IN – Information meeting on 27th February 2013

Model format for appealing against the retro-active application of the new rules applicable for transfers of pension adopted on 3rd March 2011 are available for you on R&D’s Internet site. A first case has been brought before the Court of Justice (Verile Case) and a series of others are suspended while awaiting the verdict […]

Invitation to the next General Assembly 26/11/2012-J79 (Loi 80) 02/CCP room

Dear R&D Members, R&D has the pleasure to invite all its members to the next General Assembly which will be held on 26th November 2012 at 12:30 at J-79 (Loi 80) 02/ CCP meeting room.      

Communication to the Members concerning the strike of the 8th November 2012

Dear Members,   Please find here after the communication to our members concerning the strike of the 8th November 2012.  

Nobel 2012 – A member express his opinion

Following the attribution of the Nobel Peace Price 2012 to the European Union, one of R&D member intervenes to express his opinion on Le Forum de Midi RTBF La Première. Click on the following link to listen to the broadcast : the broadcast is only in French   […]