European Schools: capacity of schools in Brussels

Draft Minutes of the Monitoring Group dated 26 May 2010 (capacity of schools in Brussels) and reaction of the Parents Association of Brussels I

European Schools: Capacity of schools in Brussels

Capacity of schools in Brussels (written procedure in June 2010)

European Schools: Additional space needs for 2011

Additional space needs for 2011: Estimated numbers for 2011 in Brussels – Updated on May 21, 2010

Towards Unity between Unions? A first timid step has been taken?

Since its creation, R&D Commission and Council has worked non-stop to defend the interest of staff and as well, to offer a whole series of services and training, most of them free of charge. Now, all of R&D’s work has been publicly recognised by US-Council who, in a tract published on 30 April 2010, have handsomely praised all this work. R&D is very pleased by the recognition given by US since that could only encourage them to support the positions our union takes when it comes to defending staff and the European Civil Service more effectively. […]

European Schools: Evolution of staff of the EU institutions in Brussels

Note for the file concerning the evolution of staff of the EU institutions in Brussels and the future needs of European Schools.

European Schools: Decisions of the Board of Governors 2-3-4 december 2009

Bilan de la politique d’inscription 2009/2010 et propositions de lignes directrices pour la politique 2010-2011

European Schools: Joint letter to the Superior Council for schools in Brussels

FR EN DE Joint letter to the Superior Council for schools in Brussels from the: Comité du Personnel Ecoles Européennes – European Schools Staff Committee – Europäische Schulen Personalrat – Interparents – CoSup – PAS Associations des Parents d’Elèves des Ecoles Européennes Bruxelles I – II – III – IV – Parents […]

Creche Clovis and labo:

Creche and labo : R&D puts a stop to the Kinnock privatisations […]