Commission serves formal notice to Brussels for non-compliance with directive 2008/50/EC on ambient air quality

COMMISSION serves formal notice to the CITY OF BRUSSELS for non-compliance with DIRECTIVE 2008/50 / EC OF 21 MAY 2008 ON AMBIENT AIR QUALITY AND CLEANER AIR FOR EUROPE (OFFENCE No. 2016/2005)   […]

Well-being in our Workplace: from Theory to Practice

A year ago the Fit@work programme to improve the health and well-being of staff was launched within the Commission. Have you, personally seen any improvement?
Investigations by experts show that 70% of psycho-social risks within the Commission are due to work requirements (35%), […]

Oceana report – Fish in EU restaurants… Next step…

Following our communication of 5 November on the results of the study of the NGO Oceana on fish served in the canteens of the European institutions, R&D has taken good note of the information published on 8 November on My […]

Results of the study from NGO Oceana on fish served in restaurants or canteens of the European institutions in Brussels

Note to the attention of Mr M. Mouligneau, Director of OIB Brussels, 05 November 2015
Subject: Results of the study from NGO Oceana on fish served in restaurants or canteens of the European institutions in Brussels R&D was challenged today, following the […]

Renard Déchaîné – SPECIAL RCAM

Quelle soit physique ou mentale, la Santé est un des piliers de la constitution de l’Etre humain. Elle participe à favoriser l’équilibre de l’Etre dans la vie privée autant que dans la vie professionnelle. Il n’existe pas au monde une personne dotée […]

Early detection screening – PMO, who do think you are kidding?

In its October 2015 newsletter, PMO announces the new rules for the preventive medicine programme that have actually been in place since 1st July 2015. They would like us to believe that “These new programmes aim at increasing the effectiveness of preventive measures […]

JRC Ispra and «Dieselgate»

“…In 2011, scientists with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy, reported that average on-road emissions of tested diesel vehicles ex­ceed allowed limits by up to 14 times.” Nature – International weekly journal of science On the same topic: […]

Time Management and Meaning of Work

SAVE THE DATE R&D vous invite à la conférence: M. Pierre Moniz-Barreto, Entrepreneur, auteur de l’ouvrage :   “Slow Business, Ralentir au travail et en finir avec le temps toxique”   Editions Eyrolles   Time Management and Meaning of Work – Time Detox, […]