Le Renard Déchaîné special Court of Auditors EPSO Special Report

Le Renard Déchaîné special Court of Auditors EPSO Special Report A largely unsuitable selection process The report just made public by the Court of Auditors on the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) confirms the pitfalls repeatedly denounced by R&D for months, even years. The lack of attractiveness of the European institutions, recruitment at basic […]

The new guide “How to prepare for and succed in European Union tests and selection processes?” is available!

Join us to discover it on Monday 2nd February at 1:00 pm
ATRIUM Rue de la Loi 80 – ground floor We are pleased to announce that the new R&D guide “How to prepare for and succeed in the European Union competitions and selections” is now available. This new publication is a 240 page […]

EU-CV Database for the recruitment of CA

On behalf of our institution, R&D sincerely apologizes to the 42,000 can­didates registered in this database who have not been informed about the recruitment “procedures” that have been organized and require re­assurances about their transparency! The scandalous management of internal competitions and the parachuting by members of cabinets of the Barro­so […]

Internal competitions : Art.90 claim models

R&D, its legal team and its lawyers ALWAYS AT YOUR SIDE ! R&D, faithful to its commitments to support you in all your efforts and your interests was the first union to denounce all this deception internal competitions in our previous communications . On 04th February, R&D has invited you to attend a meeting […]

Internal competitions – R&D always at your side!

Faced with the disastrous consequences of the Kinnock Reform, R&D continues to plead for regular internal competitions, to repair the damage suffered by the post-2004 colleagues.   However, R&D is firmly opposed to the organizational arrangements imposed by the Commission for the ongoing competitions.   In particular, as explained in our previous communiques, […]

Modèles de réclamations “Talent screener” et “Pachtitis bis”

Chers Collègues,   Vous trouverez ci-après des modèles de réclamations “Talent screener” et “Pachtitis bis” .   Les réclamations doivent être introduites dans un délai de 3 mois à compter de la décision attaquée (lettre d’EPSO informant du rejet de la candidature).   Dans l’hypothèse où une demande de réexamen a été introduite, […]

Competition Pachtitis Bis (AD/177/10 to AD/179/10) – The procedure « LEGO-BRICO»

Candidates, as well as interested parties in the academic and professional worlds are looking with increasing astonishment at the growing confusion in the selection and appointment procedures organized by EPSO and our insti­tution. Many of you have supported the efforts of R&D denouncing the limits of on­going internal competitions, taking into account the […]

GLANTENAY JUDGEMENT: The Court confirms R&D’s position on the Talent screener

CONFIRMATION OF CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SELECTION BOARD IN THE COMPETITIONS AND ILLEGALITY OF THE TALENT SCREENER IN THE FIRST STAGE OF THE SELECTION OF CANDIDATES   The European Union Civil Service Tribunal delivered a judgement on 16 September 2013 (attached Cases F-23/12 and F-30/12), challenging the selection method known as the “talent […]