The EEAS: Around three institutions in just a few months, jumping 5 grades!

R&D cannot bring itself to believe that the bases of this story are quite true and will urgently ask all the competent political and judicial bodies to adjudicate on the procedure put in place at the EEAS. R&D will furnish all assistance to wronged candidates for them to defend their […]


Dear staff in Delegations, The Outside the EU Elections will last until Wednesday 27 June. There are 3 lists running for these elections and is no secret that the NEAR YOU/List 2 is the most balanced of all. NEAR YOU is the only list which unites six of the most powerful trade unions today: USHU, […]

R&D lecture on the main lines of the Reform

Video on the R&D LECTURE ON THE MAIN LINES OF THE REFORM done the 21st Mai 2012

Epso’s irregularities condemned by the court- Pachtitis Ruling

On 14 December 2011, the Court (Appeal Chamber) rejected the appeal lodged by the Commission (case T-361/10 P) asking it to set aside the judgement of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal of 15 June 2010, Pachtitis/Commission (F?35/08). This judgement had annulled the decisions of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) of 31 May and […]

Paroles de candidats – Candidates Speak

List # 1 A joint list formed by R&D, RS USHU // U4U and SFE
for the election of the EEAS Staff Committee. I decided to stand in order to help defending the quality and independence of the EEAS as a genuine EU (and above all European!) civil service. Notre programme a été établi […]

Elecciones: la filosofía que subyace en nuestro programa

Lista respaldada por R&D, SFE, RS USHU/U4U Lista n.° 1 Servicio […]

List supported by R&D, SFE, RS USHU/U4U

Vote List #1 List supported by R&D, SFE,
gathering together to be more
efficient only by voting for the whole list you will allow our team […]

Implementation of Human Ressources policies in Delegations

List #1 A joint list formed by R&D, RS USHU // U4U and SFE
for the election of the EEAS Staff Committee. We promote solidarity and non-discrimination of all EEAS staff. We aim at eliminating all unnecessary distinctions and petty discriminations. A common implementation on the statute across all institutions should create a common […]