Election Party 1st of June 2012

As part of the LSC elections, List No. 1 Near You Le Renouveau pour vous, is pleased to invite you to a party Friday, June 1st, 2012 at ALOFT hotel / Place Jean Rey 1040 Brussels. From 19 hours. In line with existing cultural and social activities organized by the list, this event is […]

LSC Elections- R&D and U4U act together

Training Our Results 2009-2012

Succeed in EPSO tests and Competitions   R&D has kept the promises laid down in its electoral programme by carrying out concrete and successful actions over the past three years such as preparation for EPSO competitions and tests. . From negotiation to results   In order to meet this challenge R&D, in co-operation with other […]

Flexitime Dg Budget – “Inflexitime”

English version of this tract will follow as soon as possible. However, if you want to see the french version, please click on that link or change the language of the page.

Training – Application form and Introduction to the EPSO competitions

R&D supports you through the EPSO competition cycles. The AD competitions being soon announced, R&D offers you a new preparatory seminar in English and French : “Application form and Introduction to the EPSO competitions”. The course’s tutor is Anne DRAIME. The training consists of a module of two hours in English and will take place […]

Member’s General Meeting on 2nd of March

Dear member, This year will be a very difficult one (the Council is demanding the dismantling of the European Civil Service, similar to what is happening in almost all Member States; the Commission is quite weak, and the staff relatively). The deadlines are approaching: negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament on the […]

R&D supports this initiative

Do not hesitate to sign this petition. http://www.1millionsignatures.eu/?a=en  

“One glass of good cheer is worth much more than a pamphlet” Drink on 9th February 2012.

Dear Colleagues,
“One glass of good cheer is worth much more than a pamphlet”
Erratum : Please note that the initial drink of the 10th February will now takes place on
the 9th February 2012 in the Atrium of the J-79 building, (entrance rue Joseph II or rue de la Loi 80) […]