Staff Housing Survey 2012

Dear Colleagues, R&D support the initiative taken by the Commission. As in previous years, the Commission carries out a Staff Housing Survey in Brussels. This is a very important survey, because the results constitute a major element of the cost-ofliving index for Brussels. This year again we are launching the survey over the internet. We […]

European School Conference

On the 8th of June 2012, the List n°1 Near You has organised a conferfence on the future of the European School. This event was presented by our head of list Ms Maria Glowacz and Mr Georges Vlandas. For this special event we had the pleasure to have Mr Kari Kivinen who was there […]




Dear staff in Delegations, The Outside the EU Elections will last until Wednesday 27 June. There are 3 lists running for these elections and is no secret that the NEAR YOU/List 2 is the most balanced of all. NEAR YOU is the only list which unites six of the most powerful trade unions today: USHU, […]

DGT Follow up

R&D has long been interesting in focussing on the restructuring of DGT. It seems to continue without taking into account the alternative propositions given by the Staff Representatives. Therefore, a note (on the LSC site) signed by C. Sebastiani (CCP), Ph. Bioul (CLP) and R. Virbalis (DGT), has been addressed to Mr. Philippe Brunet, […]

Election LSC: Time to Vote list 1

Since a quorum has not been reached,it has been decided, in accordance with the Electoral Rules, to extend the electoral period by 10 working days, until June 2012, 28th – 02:00 (PM) . For those who have not casted their vote please follow this link : Members of staff who have already voted […]

R&D lecture on the main lines of the Reform

Video on the R&D LECTURE ON THE MAIN LINES OF THE REFORM done the 21st Mai 2012

Election Party 1st of June 2012

As part of the LSC elections, List No. 1 Near You Le Renouveau pour vous, is pleased to invite you to a party Friday, June 1st, 2012 at ALOFT hotel / Place Jean Rey 1040 Brussels. From 19 hours. In line with existing cultural and social activities organized by the list, this event is […]