Colleagues in delegations also protested against the Reform

Colleagues in delegations are also concerned about the reform. Even far from Brussels they expressed their protest.

R&D Commission congratulates the R&D Council section

The results of the Election Staff Committee in the Council have been published. Our R&D Council section won this election by far. This is a great signal addressed to the administration which show that our message is clearly followed by the Staff. Once again, R&D Commission expresses its warm congratulations to R&D colleagues for this […]

Invitation to the next General Assembly 26/11/2012-J79 (Loi 80) 02/CCP room

Dear R&D Members, R&D has the pleasure to invite all its members to the next General Assembly which will be held on 26th November 2012 at 12:30 at J-79 (Loi 80) 02/ CCP meeting room.      

Resolution adopted during AG 17/09/2012

Dear Members, Following the General Assembly meeting of the 17th September 2012, please find here after the resolution adopted by all the members. The aim of the resolution is to reaffirm the identity of R&D.  

Message from the Vice President Sefcovic concerning the Reform

Dear Members, You can find the message sent by M. Sefcovic concerning staff regulation and MFF :   Dear colleagues, I have met today the staff representatives to update them on the state of play of the legislative process for the review of the Staff Regulations and the MFF. It was a very frank and […]

Every Monday Executive Committee R&D

During the negotiations of the reform of the statute , the future of the European public service is at the heart of the debate. We remind all the members of R&D that every Monday our executive committee, meets to debate and take positions on all topics relating to our future. We take this opportunity to […]

General Staff Assembly 09/10/2012- the resolution adopted by the Staff

Following the General Staff Assembly, please find here the resolution adopted by the staff and some pictures of the event.

State of play of the Reform of Staff Regulations 2013

Please find here after a communication from the United Common Front of the European Parliament. We will continue to keep you up to date on the state of play of the Staff Regulations Reform 2013. Our colleagues from the United Front of the European Parliament have just sent a leaflet in which they summarise […]