Le Renard Déchaîné special “Delegation of new tasks to the Executive Agencies…”

Le Renard Déchaîné special “Delegation of new tasks to the Executive Agencies – Reorganization of DG RTD” R&D at your disposal! Thank you for your trust! Throughout the making process of the decision to delegate new tasks to the Executive Agencies (hereinafter EA), a large number of you have called on R&D by informing […]

CONTRACTUAL AGENTS: ALLIANCE reports on its action Tuesday 13 December at 12.30

Alliance reports on its action and asks for your opinion on the results obtained during the political consultation with VP Georgieva   Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 12.30 […]

Message to all our colleagues contract agents

Dear colleagues, We are 17 contract agents featuring on the R&D list of candidates in order to defend our rights and working conditions. With R&D we have benefited from: a personal assistance a legal service provided by R&D’s lawyer on all issues related to non-renewal of contracts, taking account of experience in the recruitment process, […]

Reclassification exercise 2014: all bets are off … for FGI and FGII!

The lists of proposed reclassifications made by the DGs were released last week and the period for the introduction of appeals for colleagues that have not been proposed has just been closed. R&D would like to bring to your attention the problems of this new (since last year) reclassification system.   Let’s start with a […]

EU-CV Database for the recruitment of CA

On behalf of our institution, R&D sincerely apologizes to the 42,000 can­didates registered in this database who have not been informed about the recruitment “procedures” that have been organized and require re­assurances about their transparency! The scandalous management of internal competitions and the parachuting by members of cabinets of the Barro­so […]

Reclassification exercise 2013 – Helpdesk

You have access, since Thursday October 3rd, to the list of contract agents (under article 3(a) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants) proposed for reclassification in your DG. If you are not proposed and wish to submit an appeal, R&D would like to remind you of some important points:   you have […]

Le Renard Déchaîné – CEI for the AC grades, parachuted appointments, internal competitions

Many of you have supported our criticm of the internal competitions and the parachuted appointment that are being announced. More here…

All the colleagues are invited to the 4th Conference on Private International Law by R&D Council.

RD Council is delighted to invite you to the 4th Conference on Private International Law. The theme of the conference is ” Donations in International Context” If you are interested in, please contact our RD section in the Council.