CDR archive -evaluation and promotion

Please find here below, what had been done by Renouveau et Democratie concerning the former rules in force. The Helpdesk 2012 will now guide you through the new rules applicable. Archive Rec:
Reminder: the 2012 evaluation and promotion exercice has been officially kicked off see administrative notice N° 59-2011 / […]

CDR: Saga of evaluation starts again, without any improvements in the procedures

Les leçons de 2010 ne sont pas encore tirées, mais le train est reparti. R&D a déjà et à maintes reprises invité la Commission à revoir radicalement les procédures. d’évaluation et celles de promotion qui, ces dernières deux années, ont causé quelques 8.000 recours avec un gaspillage d’énergies énorme tant du côté de l’Administration que de la représentation du personnel. L’ampleurdu contentieux et les efforts déployés pour le gérer sont absolument déraisonnables. […]

Your Promotion to Grade AD14

Dear colleague, As you have recently found out, the DG HR has announced the end of the previous staff appraisal and promotion exercise. Concerning AD 13, R&D cannot accept that administration does not respect the Staff regulation and we consider that “Pacta sunt servanda”. Actually AD13 to AD14 promotions threshold was unilaterally fixed […]

CDR: R&D teams have started their work to assist you

CDR 2011: The R&D Helpdesk has been set up once again to assist you with the 2011 CDR. […]

The CDR Tragedy

Memento of the CDR 2010 Tragedy […]

CDR appeals: tangible results for colleagues

R&D has been against the current CDR system since the beginning. But while it lasts, we think it’s our duty to do our best to help and defend colleagues. Over six months, a team of experts from R&D and the other trade unions have defended more than 3,500 appeals (2,000 AD and 1,500 AST). R&D will confirm its strong position for a definitive abandonment of this system – that has proved to be highly unsatisfactory for both staff and middle management members. […]

CDR: The Missing Promotions

Are 142 Staff Members (in Grades: AST 4D, AST6C, AST 10B and AD 13) Kids of a lesser God? Staff Regulation are no longer respected by the whole ADMINISTRATION? According to our R&D team involved in the appraisal and promotion procedure for 2010, DG HR’s analysis and proposals to the Joint Appraisal and Promotion Committees for AD and AST are much worse than the provisions of the consolidated Staff Regulations [STATUTE] for AST 4D, AST 6C, AST 10(ex B) and AD 13 officials. […]

CDR: Enough is enough with this CDR!

The 2010 CDR appeals phase is coming to an end. As last year, over 3500 colleagues filed appeals, mostly those with 4 or 5 points. R&D together with other trade unions fiercely defended each and every appeal in the competent committees and working groups. R&D demand an end to this disaster: we invite the Commissioner and DG HR to finally accept the exorbitant failure of the CDR in its entirety, and to follow best practices in other institutions. We cannot accept another round of this nightmare for everybody involved next year! […]