The McCoy Case

Brussels, 21 December 2020 Note for the attention of Mr Petr Blížkovský Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions Subject: The McCoy Case We would like to inform you of our great satisfaction with the amicable settlement that the CoR has just concluded with our colleague Mr. Robert McCoy. In this regard, we appreciated […]

CoR – Internal competition

  Brussels, 27 th January 2017   Open Letter for the attention of Mr Markku Markkula
President of the Committee of the Regions   Subject: Internal competition     […]

Promotion exercise and quotas: Oops, I did it again ! (feat. DG HR)

  R&D has repeatedly criticized the distribution of the possibilities for promotion in the DGs for last year’s promotion exercise (lien). Although we intervened before the proposition for promotions by the Directors General, DG HR remained inflexible and did nothing to […]

Le Renard Déchaîné – Internal competitions

Since the publication of the notices of competitive examinations, and on reading the rules envisaged, many of you have let us know of your disappointment and indignation, calling on us to make public and visible the critical analyses that we have developed in the meeting that R&D organised with its members. More here[…]

Injustus Lipsius

How can you gain in one day the four grades that require 20 years of career for other members of staff and become Director a few months later without a vacancy notice ? Here is the answer …          

CDR 2012 Self Assessment

After receiving an automatic SysPer2 Notification that your CDR 2012 has been launched, you have to fill in your self evaluation within 8 working days. Justified absences (holiday, sickleave, missions) do not count for this deadline, and therefore prolong it. Refer to the Common appraisal standards: before drafting your self evaluation, have a […]

CDR – 2012

As promised, R&D is consulting you on the final proposal of DG HR on the new system of evaluation and promotion. R&D and its Majorité Syndicale did everything we could to improve the initial project and achieved significant progress. In this case, as in ANY other negotiation process that concern you, you will have the […]

CDR 2011: Meeting of the 18 January 2011

Copy of the Presentation distributed on the GDR Meeting of the 18 January 2011