e-conference SAVE THE DATES Bruno HUMBEECK’s appointments Bruno Humbeeck Educational psychologist, Doctor in Education Sciences, Lecturer at the University of Mons and Head of the Centre de Ressource Éducative pour l’Action Sociale (CREAS), he works on research projects on school-family relations and society at the Centre de Recherche en Inclusion Sociale To help you prepare […]

In its special report on the institutions’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Court of Auditors confirms the analyses of R&D and acknowledges the exceptional efforts made by the staff! The Commission’s staff deserves all the institution’s trust and has proven that a modern and flexible management model is the best response to the challenges! […]

Elections LSC 2021-2024

R&D calls for putting the Human at the heart of the human resources management of our institution by implementing a Quality of Life at Work policy based on solidarity, one of R&D’s core values, “Professional Caringness” and 6 key factors Prior to any proposal for a Quality of Life at Work (QWL) approach, R&D was […]

Le Renard Déchaîné special Teleworking/Hotdesking Hello! Hello! Berlaymont!… We have a serious problem! The wellbeing of the staff cannot be reduced to the disgracious barter system designed by DG HR between teleworking and hotdesking, framed by the absence of any social dialogue and genuine consultation of the staff. Respecting the rules is not an option […]