CoR – Internal competition

  Brussels, 27 th January 2017   Open Letter for the attention of Mr Markku Markkula
President of the Committee of the Regions   Subject: Internal competition     […]

DG GROW… and the colleagues left the room!

Brussels, 21 February 2017     NOTE TO THE ATTENTION OF MS L. EVANS DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF DG GROW   Objet: DG GROW … organizing another umpteenth meeting on the basis of bold promises to deal with the problems and the work overload which for too long affect your services … and the colleagues left the […]

CAREER: What to expect in 2017?

    According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 should witness the pursuit of progress, honour and integrity … what is fervently desired by R&D !   The start of the year goes hand in hand with the launch of the evaluation exercises for officials and contract agents. You may have asked about your promotion / […]


Brussels, 8 February 2017     Note to the attention of Mr Marco Malacarne, Acting Director of EASME     Subject : Concerns of EASME’s staff   […]

Renard Dechainé – Mediation

Edito 3
The mediation service must be provided with sufficient resources in order to guarantee optimal functioning 5
An increasing number of requests that the mediation service is in no way likely […]

« Parachuting » of cabinet members: R&D thanks M. Selmayr and M. Italianer for their declarations during the heads of Cabinets’ meeting held on 30/01/2017. This is a very good start but it is not enough!

Brussels, 06 February 2017   Note to the attention of Mr. Selmayr, President Juncker’s Head of Cabinet And Mr. Italianer, Secretray-General of the Commission   Subject: « Parachuting » of cabinet members at the end of the College’s term of office Ref.: Your declarations under item 7.12 of the minutes of the heads of […]