STAFF COMMUNICATION   Dear Colleagues, You asked for the presence and support of R&D as soon as you heard about senior management’s decision to move into L15 building and convert it to Open Space. According to senior management, this option would be the most appropriate response to the objective of regrouping staff in a single […]

“Promoleaks”: R&D analysis … (episode 3)

    Administrative Notice (AN) No 2016-41 of 15.11.2016 (link), closed the 2016 promotion exercise with the publication of the list of colleagues promoted this year: R&D congratulates these 4,852 colleagues! […]

Article 42c: FIAT LUX

Implementation of Article 42c of the Staff Regulations FIAT LUX That the light is FINALLY made: DH HR FINALLY meets staff representation to deal with the placing on compulsory leave of 28 colleagues before the end of 2016   FINALLY, DG HR convened a meeting for 13 December with staff representation on the application of […]

CONTRACTUAL AGENTS: ALLIANCE reports on its action Tuesday 13 December at 12.30

Alliance reports on its action and asks for your opinion on the results obtained during the political consultation with VP Georgieva   Tuesday 13 December 2016 at 12.30 […]

The end of year Buffet 9 December 2016 – Invitation

R&D and its members are pleased to invite you to The end of year Buffet on Friday 9 December 2016 starting at 12.30 ATRIUM 79, rue Joseph II / 80, rue de la Loi – 1st floor True to its traditions, […]

Representations of the Commission: Double Standards

Local Staff serving in the Representations in the European Union are employed in carrying out support tasks (secretaries, clerical officers, drivers, etc.). They run the machinery just as well as the other categories of Staff. They have all been re-cruited many years ago as the Commission no longer recruits local staff within the EU from […]

Reform of the Code of Conduct applicable to members and former members of the Commission

  Brussels, 15th November 2016 Note to the College   Subject: Reform of the Code of Conduct applicable to members and former members of the Commission / Barroso – Kroes cases   Reading the interview of President Juncker given to newspaper “Le Soir”, last November 5, we were happy to note his intention to reform […]

Commission serves formal notice to Brussels for non-compliance with directive 2008/50/EC on ambient air quality

COMMISSION serves formal notice to the CITY OF BRUSSELS for non-compliance with DIRECTIVE 2008/50 / EC OF 21 MAY 2008 ON AMBIENT AIR QUALITY AND CLEANER AIR FOR EUROPE (OFFENCE No. 2016/2005)   […]