Survey on staff satisfaction – Reorganisation of DG GROW (Spring 2015)

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to reply before the close of business on 18 June 2015 Dear colleagues, In November the new College started operating under a new structure allegedly aiming to fight silos and stimulate cooperation. […]

Promotion exercise: a Wall at the Secretariat General?

Suggestions for promotions are available since Monday 16th June morning in Sysper: as every year, R&D set up its helpdesk (link) to assist the colleagues wanting to appeal against their unsuccessful proposals. Moreover, R&D has already informed you about […]

Conference – The application of Belgian law to EU Officials – 22/06/2015

Dear colleagues, R&D is delighted to invite you to a CONFERENCE on The application of Belgian law to EU Officials When does Belgian civil, criminal and employment law applies to EU officials? Discover the link between Belgian criminal law and EU official staff regulations Disciplinary or harassement issues speakers: Mr. Thierry Bontinck, solicitor Mrs Anaïs […]

Black Pearl 1 & 2

Degradation of Working Conditions in sight in the New Black Pearl Building   The removal of DIGIT to the new Black Pearl building, rue Montoyer 15, is forseen for the first quarter of 2016. […]

Message to all our colleagues post 2004

Dear Colleagues, We are a group of post-2004 permanent staff running on the R&D ticket in order to defend our rights and working con­ditions. We encourage you to vote List No. 9 for a lot of very good reasons: WE REPRESENT ALL STAFF! · We stand for the most balanced representation of post- and pre-2004 […]

Message to all our colleagues contract agents

Dear colleagues, We are 17 contract agents featuring on the R&D list of candidates in order to defend our rights and working conditions. With R&D we have benefited from: a personal assistance a legal service provided by R&D’s lawyer on all issues related to non-renewal of contracts, taking account of experience in the recruitment process, […]