R&D – Invitation Buffet de Noël – 16.12.201

Draft Commission: everyone in “hot desk” mode?

In a race to reduce costs, the Commission is preparing a document that will enable all DGs to organize themselves in “hot desk”mode … What is the “hot desk”? It’s very simple: you do not have an office of your own. The first colleague […]

Congratulations Mr President! We can finally witness some real transparency in the relations with lobbyists!

But this must only be the first step: now came the time to tackle the “revolving doors” scandal and the cabinets’ management!   R&D represents thousands of colleagues who serve the European project with commitment and dedication and who, despite everything, have not lost hope to see our institution and its personnel regain its credibility […]

R&D European Parliament. R&D is expanding its presence in Luxembourg

As you know R&D now has a new section in the European Parliament. The fact that since the creation of R&D-EP 13 colleagues elected to the Staff Committee already recognize themselves in this section is the best guarantee of our ability to defend the rights and expectations of the EP colleagues and thus also those […]