Promotion exercise 2014

HELPDESK   You now have access to the list of officials proposed for promotion in your DG. If you have not been proposed and wish to lodge an appeal, R&D has drafted a couple of points that you should keep in mind:   – the deadline: starting from the release of these lists, you have […]

Exclusive private sales -70%

  R&D congratulates the happy “clients” from cabinet BARROSO, TAJANI, FULE and REDING click here on their recent appointment as Director or Advisor and would like to offer them a gift: […]

Invitation second conference on Burn-out 19/06 : medical and systemic aspects

Following our first conference based on a philosophical and societal approach of the Burn-Out, we propose to explore other aspects of this complex issue. It will be focused on the medical and therapeutic aspects of burn-outs, and on the diagnosis of the organizations with the help of two specialists of the European Institute of […]

Invitation: draft appeal concerning the 2011/12 salary adjustment

Draft Appeal concerning the 2011 and 2012 Salary adjustment 2014 Reform appeal: time to take stock ! The model of appeal against the refusal to apply the salary adjustment for 2011 and the limitation to 0.8 % of the salary adjustment for 2012 is now available.   As with all other models for appeals, we […]

Invitation conference 03/06/14: Preventing visible and invisible violence in the playground!

Many of you to asked to organize a second conference on this subject.
R&D is pleased to answer YES to your request!
Rest assured that we will always remain at your disposal! CONFERENCE
Tuesday 03 June 2014
13.00 […]