Breaking news : parachuting no longer exist ?

For several weeks, R&D reported a real invasion of “parachutists” jumping from all floors of the Berlaymont to senior management posts which were freed in advance, sometimes by thanking acting colleagues who often occupied those posts for months…   These nominations and career accelerations are all the more unacceptable when the post-2004 colleagues still […]

Post-reform complaints

The request of staff to unions is clear: “please agree and join forces to defend us more effectively” Reply from R&D: colleagues, you are right! Stop union cacophony You have been flooded by different types of complaints from different unions. Many of you ask what you should do, alone or with their support, confronted with […]

Internal competitions – R&D always at your side!

Faced with the disastrous consequences of the Kinnock Reform, R&D continues to plead for regular internal competitions, to repair the damage suffered by the post-2004 colleagues.   However, R&D is firmly opposed to the organizational arrangements imposed by the Commission for the ongoing competitions.   In particular, as explained in our previous communiques, […]