The right to postpone annual leave in case of illness

The Court of Justice requires the Commission to apply the basic principles of European employment law and the dispositions of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights to its own staff!   The Court has recently delivered a judgement of historical importance which constitutes a decisive step in putting an end to the approach “do […]

Internal Competitio?ns – Le Renard Déchaîné reveals everything?…

Following the launch of the internal competitions we received many reactions highlighting your anxiety about the equality of treatment of candidates, notably in the section regarding your professional experience, and in particular, the discriminatory nature of the questions of the AD Talent screener. We completely understand the anxieties that you raised. And these serve to […]

Verdict from the European Public Service Court concerning competitions

Quite apart from its detailed political analyses, R&D does its best to inform you about the most interesting subjects that concern you, as and when they arise. This also concerns the decisions adopted by the Court of Justice which could have an impact on colleagues. You will find below today’s verdict from the European […]

Flash Communication R&D – Salary adaptation

We have just been informed about the favourable opinion given by the Advocate-General in the matter of salary adaptation. This opinion finds the Commission’s action justified and would have the effect of annulling the Council Regulation which refused to adapt our salaries in accordance with the Method contained in the Staff Regulations (for consultation of […]

Annual changes to salaries

On 12th September, the Advocate-General, Mr Yves BOT, will deliver his conclusions on the three cases concerning salary adaptations since 1st July 2011. We will let you know the content immediately thereafter. As a reminder- the Commission submitted a proposal to the Council for adapting, salaries, pensions and correction co-efficients applicable from 1st July 2011. […]