Competition Pachtitis Bis (AD/177/10 to AD/179/10) – The procedure « LEGO-BRICO»

Candidates, as well as interested parties in the academic and professional worlds are looking with increasing astonishment at the growing confusion in the selection and appointment procedures organized by EPSO and our insti­tution. Many of you have supported the efforts of R&D denouncing the limits of on­going internal competitions, taking into account the […]

Judgments of the Court of Justice in cases C-63/12, C-66/12 and C-196/12 on adjustment of salaries and pensions for 2011

Following the unfavourable judgments delivered on Tuesday 19 November by the Court of Justice concerning the application of the method of adjusting our remuneration and pensions for 2011, many of you have shared with us your surprise and disappointment. Faced with this particularly complex situation, R&D immediately initiated an in-depth legal analysis – you will […]

Parents, open-it! – Conference – Friday 15 November – 12.30-14.30 – J-79 – CCP Room

R&D joins “La Ligue des Familles” to solve your daily con­cerns…   School, early childhood, out-of-school centres, mobility, accommodation: here is the key; we can help you open the doors!   You want to make things happen in your municipality!   You think that some services need to be improved?   School, early childhood, out-of-school […]

GLANTENAY JUDGEMENT: The Court confirms R&D’s position on the Talent screener

CONFIRMATION OF CENTRAL ROLE OF THE SELECTION BOARD IN THE COMPETITIONS AND ILLEGALITY OF THE TALENT SCREENER IN THE FIRST STAGE OF THE SELECTION OF CANDIDATES   The European Union Civil Service Tribunal delivered a judgement on 16 September 2013 (attached Cases F-23/12 and F-30/12), challenging the selection method known as the “talent […]

2013 appraisal exercise: and the winner is …

The appraisal exercise enters its final phase and R&D will give you soon more details about the structural problems of the current system. However, and even before the official publication of the administrative notice (expected for late October/early November) that will list the names of the officials promoted this year, R&D can already reveal the […]

Reclassification exercise 2013 – Helpdesk

You have access, since Thursday October 3rd, to the list of contract agents (under article 3(a) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants) proposed for reclassification in your DG. If you are not proposed and wish to submit an appeal, R&D would like to remind you of some important points:   you have […]

Le Renard Déchaîné – CEI for the AC grades, parachuted appointments, internal competitions

Many of you have supported our criticm of the internal competitions and the parachuted appointment that are being announced. More here…

The right to postpone annual leave in case of illness

The Court of Justice requires the Commission to apply the basic principles of European employment law and the dispositions of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights to its own staff!   The Court has recently delivered a judgement of historical importance which constitutes a decisive step in putting an end to the approach “do […]