Dear staff in Delegations,

The Outside the EU Elections will  last until Wednesday 27 June.

There are 3 lists running for these elections and is no secret that the NEAR YOU/List 2 is the most balanced of all.

NEAR YOU is the only list which unites six of the most powerful trade unions today: USHU, U4U, R&D, Conf-SFE, FFPE, SID

NEAR YOU is the only list which has fully respected and reflects staff composition in Delegations: 12 Local Agents, 9 Contract Agents and 7 Officials!

It guarantees a full geographic coverage (Africa, Latin America, Asia, Neighbourhood Countries) and is sensitive to gender with numerous female candidates.

NEAR YOU has a clear comparative advantage over the other lists as it contains the most experienced candidates in staff issues. Its members have already achieved tangible gains for Local Agents, Contract Agents and Officials.

It will be important to consolidate all the progress to date and to continue to support NEAR YOU so that you can be sure that USHU, U4U, R&D, Conf-SFE, FFPE, SID will defend your rights, ensure that the Staff Regulations are implemented correctly and push for improvements for all staff categories, with a special focus on the most vulnerable staff category, Local Agents.

NEAR YOU is the strongest list, an alliance of the most powerful trade unions – working together in your interest.

Don’t risk your future!

Vote now, Vote for NEAR YOU / List 2

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