List Votes Preferential votes – our candidates

The official results of the elections of the Brussels local Staff Committee have been published on the Commission Intranet: List Votes per Electoral List list name list votes list percentage Seats Awarded Seats Awarded (Rounded) NEAR you – Le renouveau pour vous 2697 0,288264215 5,188755879 5 0,188755879 5 UNION SYNDICALE 2106 0,225096195 4,051731509 4 -0,051731509 […]




Dear staff in Delegations, The Outside the EU Elections will last until Wednesday 27 June. There are 3 lists running for these elections and is no secret that the NEAR YOU/List 2 is the most balanced of all. NEAR YOU is the only list which unites six of the most powerful trade unions today: USHU, […]

DGT Follow up

R&D has long been interesting in focussing on the restructuring of DGT. It seems to continue without taking into account the alternative propositions given by the Staff Representatives. Therefore, a note (on the LSC site) signed by C. Sebastiani (CCP), Ph. Bioul (CLP) and R. Virbalis (DGT), has been addressed to Mr. Philippe Brunet, […]

Election LSC: Time to Vote list 1

Since a quorum has not been reached,it has been decided, in accordance with the Electoral Rules, to extend the electoral period by 10 working days, until June 2012, 28th – 02:00 (PM) . For those who have not casted their vote please follow this link : Members of staff who have already voted […]

R&D lecture on the main lines of the Reform

Video on the R&D LECTURE ON THE MAIN LINES OF THE REFORM done the 21st Mai 2012

Election Party 1st of June 2012 – pictures

In line with existing cultural and social activities organized by the list, this event was an opportunity to meet us and to share a glass together! […]