Training Our Results 2009-2012

Succeed in EPSO tests and Competitions   R&D has kept the promises laid down in its electoral programme by carrying out concrete and successful actions over the past three years such as preparation for EPSO competitions and tests. . From negotiation to results   In order to meet this challenge R&D, in co-operation with other […]

Free EPSO Competitions Training Online – 2012 EPSO AD Competitions

In addition to its usual offer of free training R&D is offering online training with 30% reduction for its members TRAINING OFFER WITH ARBOREUS

Flexitime Dg Budget – “Inflexitime”

English version of this tract will follow as soon as possible. However, if you want to see the french version, please click on that link or change the language of the page.

IVIE: le modifiche del DL 16/2012 sulla tassazione immobili all’estero

Con il DL n. 16/2012 il governo tecnico ha apportato alcuni correttivi alle disposizioni concernenti la tassazione della ricchezza immobiliare.
Per quanto concerne l’IVIE, sono state apportate alcune modifiche volte a parificare il trattamento fiscale degli immobili all’estero rispetto a quelli del territorio nazionale, al fine di evitare l’apertura di possibili procedura d’infrazione relativamente […]

Training – Application form and Introduction to the EPSO competitions

R&D supports you through the EPSO competition cycles. The AD competitions being soon announced, R&D offers you a new preparatory seminar in English and French : “Application form and Introduction to the EPSO competitions”. The course’s tutor is Anne DRAIME. The training consists of a module of two hours in English and will take place […]