Meeting with R&D Partner Insurance Europe Assurances Services-EAS

Dear Colleagues, we have a pleasure to invite you to our meeting with R&DInsurance partner EAS that will take place on WEDNESDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2012 12.30 – 15.00 European Parliament BUILDING PHS (Paul Henri Spaak) – ROOM P4B001 Further to our joint requests, – R&D Commission, R&D Council – our partnerEurope Assurance Service EAS has […]

Invitation Drink and Political Guideline

One glass of good cheer is worth much more than a pamphlet .. R & D sends its best wishes for the New Year 2012 and invites you to a have a drink in the Atrium of the J-79 building,(entrance rue Joseph II 79 or rue de la Loi 80) from 12.30 on […]

Training AST Competition

Renouveau et Démocratie is delighted to inform you on the next session of formation for AST competition. the courses are as followed : 31st January: Accuracy and precision: 12h30-14h30(FR) 17h30-19h30 (EN) 1st February : Prioritising and Organising : 12h30-14h30 (EN) 17h30-19h30(FR) These trainings will take place on 31st and 1st February 2012 in our premises […]

Increase the Eurocrats in austerity? – le Soir has published an article

During this tough period for the European Public Service, le Soir has published a fair article about the salary. To read : please follow the link (the version of this article is only available in french).

Time running out for final appeal on Promotions 2011

  Time running out for final appeal on Promotions 2011 Article 90(2) appeals against promotion decisions   The new evaluation exercise 2012 has been launched but for some of you the promotion exercise 2011 may not be finished yet. Given the changeover to a new evaluation and promotion system as of 2012 it is important […]

Epso’s irregularities condemned by the court- Pachtitis Ruling

On 14 December 2011, the Court (Appeal Chamber) rejected the appeal lodged by the Commission (case T-361/10 P) asking it to set aside the judgement of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal of 15 June 2010, Pachtitis/Commission (F?35/08). This judgement had annulled the decisions of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) of 31 May and […]

Transfert of Pension Rights

Chers adhérents, R&D a mis a votre disposition en juillet dernier des modèles de réclamation contre les décisions de transférer vos droits à pension qui sont prises sur la base des DGE ( dispositions générales d’exécution des articles 11 et 12 de l’annexe VIII du statut de mars 2011) appliquées de façon rétroactive . Afin […]

CDR 2012 Self Assessment

After receiving an automatic SysPer2 Notification that your CDR 2012 has been launched, you have to fill in your self evaluation within 8 working days. Justified absences (holiday, sickleave, missions) do not count for this deadline, and therefore prolong it. Refer to the Common appraisal standards: before drafting your self evaluation, have a […]