STOP dismantling EU Staff Regulations – Staff Regulations Committee

Staff representatives will continue their battle by denouncing the dismantling of the Staff regulations by the Council with the complicity of the Commission – a copy of the Draft proposal will be discussed at the « Comité du Statut« (interinstitutional Staff Regulations Committee) next week. This Committee has to be consulted because the Staff Regulations […]

Modification of the contribution rate to the pension scheme – concertation

Outcome of the meeting: the Trade Unions agreed with the proposed Council Regulation, adjusting, from 1 July 2011, the rate of contribution to the pension scheme of officials and other servants of the European Union. The Eurostat Report shows that the rate of contribution required to maintain actuarial balance of the pension scheme […]

Resolution of the Interinstitutional General Meeting 22 November 2011

Reform 2013 – The Introduction of the General Assembly of the personnel of all EU Institutions – first Q&A Session and Final Resolution are now available on YouTube updated pdf Fr Version of the final resolution of the Interinstitutional Meeting updated pdf En Version of the final resolution of the […]

Staff Regulations Reform-What the attached Council document really says

Commission walking right into the Council’s trap: To understand what the 17 Member States really demand from the Commission for its proposal for a reform of the Staff Regulations one needs to read between the lines. Here is a little Vademecum to this zealot vision of the future of EU staff: 1. Salary […]

General Meeting of the personnel of all institutions

Staff Regulations 2013 Together, with the Commission and the support of staff, let’s present a reform package to the Council which will also be acceptable to the European Parliament We demand that the Vice-President be equal to the task with which he has been entrusted, and act with the agreement of the staff that he […]

Paroles de candidats – Candidates Speak

List # 1 A joint list formed by R&D, RS USHU // U4U and SFE
for the election of the EEAS Staff Committee. I decided to stand in order to help defending the quality and independence of the EEAS as a genuine EU (and above all European!) civil service. Notre programme a été établi […]

Please Sign a letter to the college from from the EU Institutions Staff – protect the EU public service

Dear Colleagues, As you certainly know, in response to pressure from the Member States, the College is about to table a proposal to modify substantially the Staff Regulations that could very significantly impact your remunerations, possibility of careers and overall working conditions. We therefore would like, as member of the personnel concerned by the situation, […]

Reform: agenda of the conciliation meeting on 16/11 with VP Sefcovic

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The Common Front has proposed to focus the agenda of the Conciliation that will be held today 16 November with VP Sefcovic on the package 3 “careers” particularly on the points of the agenda of the technical consultation of the 15/11 as well as working time.