Resolution of the Interinstitutional General Assembly on 22 June 2011

The staff of the European institutions meeting in the interinstitutional general assembly on 22 June 2011:

  • condemns the Commission’s failure to consult prior to its Communication on the amendment of the Staff Regulations and the forthcoming financial framework;
  • rejects this second attempt to weaken the European civil service by amending its Staff Regulations, 7 years after the 2004 reform ;
  • considers that the adjustments and reforms which are essential, in particular to remedy the precarious employment conditions of some colleagues, can be carried out without touching the Staff Regulations ;
  • demands that the Commission do everything it can to establish a genuine dialogue between management and staff to that end ;
  • demands that chapter 5 of the 2014-2020 financial framework allocate sufficient finance to enable the European Institutions to perform all their duties ;
  • demands that the Commission abandon its plans for amendments to the Staff Regulations in this connection;
  • asks the Commission not to envisage submitting a request for a new “method” in the short term;
  • considers that a strong European civil service is part of the solution to the challenges we currently face;
  • asks its OSP to give notice of their intention to take industrial action.
  • calls for a mass demonstration on June, 29th at the Council.

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