Commission report on equivalence between old and new career structures

The Commission has today adopted a Report to the Council and the Parliament which provides a check of the equivalence between “old” and “new” career structures in the European Institutions. […]

Call for solidarity with the victims in Japan

Participate in a musical tribute to the victims of this disaster, at the Chapel for Europe (rue Van Maerlant 22-24, metro Maalbeek), On Tuesday 5 April 2011 from 12 to 13h […]

EPSO: Training AD 5/7 Competition

R&D is pleased to invite you to a FREE TRAINING AD 5/7 Competition […]

Crèches – Garderies Elections Results

Le Bureau électoral s’est réuni le 25 mars 2011 à 18h30 à l’ATRIUM (Wilson) afin de procéder au dépouillement de l’élection de la délégation des crèches et garderies. […]

All Brussels EEAS Staff in open space – EEAS wants to circumvent Commission rules

David O’Sullivan sent a letter to Staff Representatives late on 29th March suggesting to create an ad hoc CPPT (Joint Committee Health and Safety at work) for the EEAS HQ building. The timeframe is too tight, EEAS management argues, to respect either Commission or Council rules. Everything has to be ready by the end of […]

EEAS: Rotation 2011

Majorité Syndicale has requested some information from the EEAS on the 2011 rotation exercise. Here is the latest state of play. Process has been launched with some delays but more than 2000 applications have been received. For non management AD, there were 23 posts – 550 applicants 67% external candidates (Member State diplomats) and 33% […]

R&D: General Assembly on april 11

Chère adhérente, chère amie,
Cher adhérent, cher ami, Si R&D est devenu aujourd’hui la première force syndicale de la Commission, c’est uniquement grâce à votre soutien sans faille.
Je tiens à vous en remercier personnellement, étant sûr d’interpréter également le sentiment du Comité exécutif.
L’ensemble du personnel a besoin d’un syndicat fort, […]

24 March 2011: European Day of Action in Brussels

Another Europe is possible R&D Staff Union of European institutions, endorsed the actions of the Belgian trade unions (FGTB and CSC) supported by the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) in the framework of the European day of action on 24 March. […]