Europe – working out the future: President Barroso supported the initiative taken by R&D and its majority partners

President Barroso replied to our open letter supporting the initiative taken by R&D and its majority partners.

Pictures of the Conference- Debate of the 9th February 2011 on the renewal of the “Community method”

Images Février 2011: conférence/débat avec M. Henri Malosse, sur son rapport “La rénovation de la méthode communautaire”.

You Can’t Compare Apples with Pears!

An apple is an apple and not a pear. We must not confuse them! We are European civil servants and, as such, international staff. The vast majority of us have left our country of origin, our family and friends for Europe and not for our country’s public service. Although our salaries are linked to the […]

CDR 2011: Meeting of the 18 January 2011

Copy of the Presentation distributed on the GDR Meeting of the 18 January 2011

R&D and the majority continued to work for the shipwrecked of the reform

R&D and its partners of the majority continued to work for the shipwrecked of the reform. Here is the note to Ms. SOUKA, Director General DG Human Resources, which concerns the application of the statute for colleagues entered in service after 2004.

R&D need your opinion

Chère/cher collègue, Vous êtes invités à la deuxième conférence/débat dans le cadre du cycle des conférences/débats lancé par notre syndicat en étroite coopération avec la majorité syndicale. La première conférence a eu lieu le 8 février en présence de M. Malosse, le Président du groupe des employeurs au Comité économique et social européen. Vous êtes […]

Barroso rises to the defence of European civil servants

European Commission President José Manual Barroso hits out against “false information” about pay and conditions for EU civil servants. […]

The European Emergency Number 112 – multilingual

This most recent Flash survey n° 314 confirms that there has been only slight increase in Europeans’ awareness of the single emergency number 112 over the past 4 years. Currently about a quarter of citizens are aware of its existence in the whole European Union. The usefulness of having such a unique number […]